Speakers (scroll to see all)
Short oral contributions were selected from abstracts of registered students and postdocs (→see below).

Invited speakers
Luis Bagatolli. University of Southern Denmark. Odense, Denmark.
"Tight coupling of metabolic oscillations and intracellular water dynamics in Saccharomyces cerevisiae." → abstract
Rima Budvytyte. Niels Bohr Institute. Copenhagen.
"Action Potential Collision in the Invertebrates Nerves." → abstract
Sonia A. Contera. University of Oxford. UK.
"NeuroPulse, a coupled experimental-numerical approach to the study of electromechanical properties of neurons." → abstract
Jüri Engelbrecht. Tallinn University of Technology. Estonia.
"On mathematical modelling of waves in nerve fibres." → abstract
Jochen Guck. Technical University of Dresden, Germany.
"Mechanosensing in the central nervous system." → abstract
Thomas Heimburg. Niels Bohr Institute. Copenhagen, Denmark
"Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of adiabatic oscillatory processes " → abstract
John H. Ipsen. University of Southern Denmark. Odense, Denmark.
"Tracing Membrane Mechanics, Electrostatics and Dynamics by Vesicle Fluctuations " → abstract
Andrew D. Jackson. Niels Bohr International Academy. Copenhagen, Denmark.
"Ten years with the soliton model of the action potential" → abstract
Kasper Jensen. Niels Bohr Institute. Copenhagen, Denmark
"Non-invasive detection of nerve impulses with an optical magnetometer operating near quantum limited sensitivity" → abstract
Antoine Jerusalem. University of Oxford, UK.
"NeuroPulse, a coupled experimental-numerical approach to the study of electromechanical properties of neurons." → abstract
Ulrich F. Keyser. University of Cambridge, UK.
"DNA (origami) nanopores." → abstract
Ben Machta. Princeton University. New Jersey, USA.
"Mechanical surface waves accompany action potential propagation." → abstract
Uri Nevo. Tel Aviv University, Israel.
"Neural excitation and neural damage studied using Diffusion MRI." → abstract
Alexander G. Petrov. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria.
"Bioflexoelectricity: Active Interface of the Cell with the Environment." → abstract
Claus-Peter Richter. Northwestern University, Chicago.
"Photonic stimulation of neurons." → abstract
Matthias Schneider. University of Dortmund, Germany.
"On the physical basis of communication in living systems in general and it's specificity arising from thermodynamics." → abstract
Shamit Shrivastava. University of Oxford. UK.
"On the principles of nonlinear pulse propagation in quasi-2D biological interfaces as observed in a lipid monolayer." → abstract
Dimitrios Stamou. University of Copenhagen. Denmark.
"Heterogeneities in membrane composition and curvature as non-stochastic regulators of peripheral protein binding, trafficking and sorting (Ras and Annexins)." → abstract
Edgar Villagran Vargas. Universidad De La Salle, Bajio Campestre, Mexico.
"The Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation for the Description of Mechanical Changes in Phase with the Action Potential in Neurons." → abstract
Mathias Winterhalter. Jacobs University. Bremen, Germany.
"Permeation of small hydrophilic molecules across bacterial membranes" → abstract
Gary Wnek. Case Western Reserve University. Cleveland, Ohio.
"Multiple Roles of Macromolecules in Excitable Cells: Consideration of a 'Minimal Excitable Unit.' " → abstract

Contributed short talks
Vardan Azizian. Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen.
"Mechanical Stimulation of nerve pulses" → abstract
Bernhard Fichtl. University of Augsburg.
"Biological signaling by interfacial sound pulses. A physics approach." → abstract
Christian Fillafer. University of Dortmund.
"On nerve pulse transmission in cholinergic synapses" → abstract
Kerstin Goepfrich. University of Cambridge.
"Expanding the design space of synthetic membrane pores." → abstract
Tian Wang. Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen.
"Effect of anesthetics on action potential propagation" → abstract
Karis Zecchi. Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen.
"Spontaneous polarization in lipid membranes." → abstract