press releases :
06.03.2007 University of Copenhagen On the (sound-) track of anesthesia
26.06.2005 University of Copenhagen A new theory of nerve pulses (in Danish)

television :
23. 2. 2010: Viden Om, DR2 (Danish television) quicktime movie
21. 3. 2011: Interview with Andrew D. Jackson, DR P1 (Danish Radio) mp3

national and international press :
Sept.12, 2013 MedicalXpress. The thermodynamics of thought: Soliton spikes and Heimburg-Jackson pulses (pdf)
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May/June 2008 Science Illustrated: 56-59. A sound theory
16.01.2008 Illustreret videnskab 2/2008: 44-47. Nervesignaler er lydbølger
25.06.2007 Ingeniøren Nerver kommunikerer med lydbølger
11.06.2007 Wired Magazine Nerves might run on sound, not electricity
11.06.2007 Corriere della Sera La musica del sistema nervoso
04.03.2007 Business Week Of neural sound waves
12.03.2007 Stereophile Magazine The Nerve
09.03.2007 Canad. Broadcast.Corp, CBC Scientists say nerves use sound, not electricity
07.03.2007 Politiken Nerver: Smerte er lyd